Archived Tips

Spring Paint Tips

It’s Spring!! Well, the calendar says so, but the weatherman is not cooperating! Soon enough though, we’ll be tempted to turn on those air conditioners. With warmer temperatures and longer days, we can get outside and take care of those decks and houses for spring and summer. As the flowers and trees come to life again, thoughts of cleaning and sprucing up are blossoming as well. The recovery from Hurricane Sandy is making great progress. As folks come in to buy paint for newly renovated rooms and homes, we’ve noticed a wonderfully positive attitude from our friends and neighbors who lost so much in the storm. We all look forward to being back to normal soon and enjoying a great summer season.

When you are ready to paint the outside of your home, try Benjamin Moore’s new Regal Select Exterior MoorGlo, Moorgard, and MoorLife paints. Yes, the old standards have been upgraded to meet today’s demanding conditions and expectations. Why change tried and true products, you might ask? Considering that latex technology is over seventy years old, it was time for a make-over! The new waterborne finishes are longer lasting, more color retentive and fade resistant, and since they are tinted on Benjamin Moore’s Gennex color system, are better for the environment as well. Reduced VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the paint, and zero VOC’s in the colorant produce coatings that are eco-friendly, and cause less impact on our recycling centers. 

Our store renovations are just about complete. We have new signs out front, new window graphics, and a newly paved parking lot. Come in and check out our new look, along with some great new products like 3M’s Patch ‘N Prime spackle, Covergrip’s anti-slip dropcloths, and Hudson’s new tank sprayers. And don’t forget our Spring Sale. We’re taking $5.00 per gallon on the new exterior Regal Select products described above, and interior Regal Select as well. So come on in and see the new look of the store and try some great new products for your spring and summer paint projects. But don’t wait too long. You know the beach will be calling soon!

Winter Paint Tips

As we count down the last days of winter and look forward to spring, it’s time to start planning your spring painting projects. The Jersey Shore continues its recovery from Superstorm Sandy and progress is being made. The new Belmar boardwalk is progressing rapidly and should be ready by Memorial Day. So if we want to walk those new boards and ride the surf this summer, we’ve got to get our work done. Whether it’s an inside or outside job, Belmar Paint and Decorating has all you need to complete your project. There are some exciting new products coming this spring from Benjamin Moore. New lines of exterior paint and stain, new interior paints, and specialty products all designed to meet the demands of today’s environment. And they’re all eco-friendly too. 

With all the new wallboard and siding being installed, remember to prime those new surfaces before painting, unless you’re staining, of course. Belmar Paint and Decorating is making things easier on your wallet as well. Our Winter Sale continues through March 3rd, and to introduce the new Regal Select line of interior paints, we’ve got a sale running from Valentine’s Day through March 30th. Available in Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-gloss finishes, we’re taking $5.00 during the Regal Select sale.

So whatever you need, from start to finish, including the best advice, stop in and see us. We’re here to help. 

Cleaning up and fixing up after Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy packed a mighty punch as she made landfall late last month. As anyone can attest who was affected by the storm, things are a mess in many areas here at the Jersey Shore and elsewhere. Our thoughts are with all our friends and neighbors as we pull out of this disaster. As clean-up efforts continue throughout the area, here are a few tips to help in your recovery from the storm. Any areas that got wet, either from sea water or rain, need to be cleaned with a mold cleaner and preventer. Or you can use chlorine bleach mixed one part bleach to nine parts water. Thoroughly scrub the area and let dry. This will take care of the mold and should remove the stains as well. If you were able to save the drywall, prime it with a stain blocking primer. Oil based primer is your best bet here, although Benjamin Moore’s Superior Primer 046-00 will work if you need to use a latex primer. If you’re installing or having new drywall installed, prime it with Benjamin Moore’s First Coat primer N216-00. Then you are ready to paint. Any old trim should be cleaned in the same manner, and also primed and painted. Make sure to use an oil based primer on new wood trim.

Belmar Paint and Decorating has what you need to fix up and move forward in your clean-up and repainting efforts. In addition, our paint sale continues through December 15th, and if you’d like to give the gift of paint and supplies for the Holidays, we’ve got 10% off our gift certificates through December 31, 2012.

Although it may be difficult to think about the Holidays, please know you have our best wishes for the Holiday Season. Our staff is here to help you with the best advice on the best products to help us all get back to the “new normal”.

Fall Painting Help

With summer fading fast and the fall weather upon us, this is a great time to paint both the outside and inside of your home. We’re running a sale of $5.00 off per gallon on several interior and exterior lines of Benjamin Moore paints (Sale runs until November 3rd). The cooler temperatures and lower humidity make a great environment for finally getting to that outside paint project. Because of the cooler temperatures in the morning and the evening, you’ll have to start a little later and finish a littler earlier than in the summer months. Whew! Shorter work-day! And don’t forget that deck. It was a hot and wet summer. Those boards could use some attention. Got any questions or odd situations? Come in and talk to our paint experts. We’re always ready to help. And with the advent of autumn, and a push from certain retailers, our thoughts will soon be of Halloween and the Holiday season. Getting the living room or family room painted now means you won’t have to do it when it’s time to decorate. Don’t forget the guest room either. Grandma and Grandpa or Uncle Harry and Aunt Betty might just show up!

We’ve got everything you need to spruce up and freshen up the inside and outside of your home, including great new products from Benjamin Moore & Co. So stop in and see us for a great price and great advice. And check out our new look. The store renovations are almost done!!

Exterior Painting and Staining

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to freshen up the outside of your home. As with all painting projects, preparing the surface is critical to the success of your exterior paint/stain job. Is the surface chalky? Rub the palm of your hand over the surface (watch for splinters). If your hand has picked up residue the color of the paint, it’s chalky. Power washing the surface is recommended.  Is there mold or mildew? Green mold is algae growth and can be cleaned with a quality exterior cleaner. Black mold (little black spots all over) is mildew, and is removed with chlorine bleach. A mixture of one part water and one part bleach will clean the mold and kill the mildew spores. Is the old paint peeling or flaking? If so, scraping and sanding are needed to remove the old paint.  This will bring the surface back to a smooth, paintable substrate. Are there any cracks or gaps that need filling? Fill cracks in the wood with an exterior grade wood filler, and sand it smooth when dry. Fill any gaps between siding and trim or soffits with a quality paintable caulking compound.  Is the old paint shiny? If so, it should be dulled with a light sanding.

Now that the surface is clean, dull and dry, prime any bare wood with an alkyd (oil based) primer. The oil primer penetrates the wood surface and seals it. Also prime any areas where you used wood filler and caulk. Latex primers can be used where there is no bare wood. 

OK. We’re ready to paint. But first, let’s check the weather. Don’t paint when it is too cold or too hot outside. The general range is from about 50 to 90 degrees F. Watch for raindrops too. If rain is predicted within about 5 hours of painting, hold off until another day. Again, make sure the surface is dry before starting. 

Where you start painting is up to you, but in general, start with the siding working high to low, and if painting clapboard type siding, paint the entire length of several boards to avoid lap marks. Then paint the trim work, again starting with the higher areas and work down. Apply enough paint to cover but not so much that the paint will sag or run. Several even, thin coats are better than one thick coat.  

To use a line from a boxing referee, protect yourself at all times. Wear proper clothing and use eye and face protection. When working on ladders, have someone with you to steady the ladder and help you move it. Take breaks when you need to, keep hydrated, and don’t forget to eat lunch. Low blood sugar and high elevations don’t mix! Oh, and take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you probably aren’t finishing this paint job today either. If you have any questions, call or come in to see us. Our paint professionals will be happy to assist you with the right products and tools for a great looking paint or stain project.

Paint Project Ideas

Winter is a good time to finish some of the inside paint projects that have been put off the rest of the year. As long as the space you are working in is heated to at least 50 degrees you will be able to paint no matter what the weather is doing outside.

An easy job to take on that makes a big visual difference in your house is touching up or repainting a room. After choosing your color the next steps are as follows.
First, remove all furniture in the room you will be painting or cover up with a drop cloth, make sure that it is protected against possible spills or splatters that can occur.
Second, you are going to have to prep the space. This is extremely important and can make or break the results of any project. Thoroughly clean the surface area you will be painting so that it is dry and free of dirt, dust, grease, etc. If there are any cracks or holes in the walls you will need to patch them prior to being able to proceed, this is accomplished by applying a joint compound or spackle and then sanding smooth when hardened. Also use painters tape to cover trim, light switches, windows and all other surfaces you do not want to get painted. Finally if you will be making a drastic color change a coat of primer may be required.
Third, after the surface is prepped it is time to paint. It is easier and time saving to use a roller as much as possible. For areas close to the ceiling, floor or trim it is suggested you apply the paint with a brush to be more precise. Apply the paint as evenly as possible so the coat has the same consistency until you have covered the entire area. Allow to dry prior to applying a second coat if needed, this will generally be 4 hours but may vary by product or humidity. After applying the second coat, touch up any spots that were missed and you are done.
For any questions on this or other projects you are working on don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email or stop in, we are happy to help. Also take a look at our Sales Circular in the Store Events & Sales section to get great savings on products to help you with this job and other projects you may have.